Walt Disney World To Upgrade About 1/4 of Its Bus Fleet in 2024

WDW Transportation News

Disney plans to add more than 90 new buses throughout the year with new exterior graphics and accessibility features. 

Walt Disney World Bus 2024 March Exterior

Via X.com (formerly Twitter) Scott Gustin reports that Disney plans to upgrade a substantial portion of its bus fleet during the coming year. Pictured above, the buses will be wrapped with graphics from a variety of Disney characters and films including 'Ratatouille' and 'Zootopia." 

The new buses feature QUANTUM restraint systems which are designed to streamline loading and unloading of motorized scooters. 

Walt Disney World Bus 2024 March Interior

Disney's fleet includes more than 400 buses, the oldest of which will be phased out with the new arrivals. According to Gustin, the buses run more than 100 routes across Walt Disney World property, making 12,000 trips per day with average monthly ridership of 4.6 million guests.