Dining Plan Changes for 2007

WDW Dining News

While this news does not specifically apply to DVC members, we thought it worth reporting given the popularity of the Disney Dining Plan (or Magic Your Way Dining) with DVC members.

Effective January 1st, two major bookkeeping changes have occurred with regard to the manner in which meal credits are tracked and used.

First, adult and child credits are now tracked independently.  In the past, a family of four (two adults, two children) staying for 5 nights would simply receive a block of 20 credits (4 guests x 5 nights).  Clever guests could actually use those credits for more than the 10 adult meals paid for at the time of arrival, perhaps using 15 credits toward adult meals and only 5 credits toward child meals.  That loophole has now been closed.  The system will now track adult and child credits individually.

Second, redemption of meal credits will be limited to the number of paid DDP participants per meal.  Prior to January 1st, the above family of four could invite a third adult guest to join them for a meal and would be permitted to redeem a total of 5 credits, effectively using one DDP credit for the meal of their non-DDP guest.  Under the new meal credit tracking system, the family of four cannot use more than four credits for a single meal (or eight credits at a Signature restaurant.)

Neither of these changes would seem to impact the original intent of the DDP guidelines.  Participants can still use their own purchased meal credits in any manner of their choosing (i.e. two Table Service meals in one day, two Counter Service the next) from the time of arrival until midnight on the check-out day.