No Dining Plan price increase...yet

WDW Dining News

Most Walt Disney World guests are now paying higher prices for the Disney Dining Plans but Disney Vacation Club owners have thus far been excluded from the new rates.  

Last week the Disney Food Blog reported that prices for all of the Disney Dining Plans had unexpectedly increased as of June 17, 2013.  Rates for the Quick Service Plan are now $39.64 per adult, per day rather than the previous $37.58.  The standard Dining Plan is priced as high as $58.66 per adult, per day up from previous rates of $55.59 during the low season and $56.94 during peak season.  Rates for the Deluxe Dining Plan have also increased.  

These new rates apply to cash reservations and/or Dining Plan purchases for travel during the 2013 calendar year.  

According to a Disney Vacation Club spokesperson, DVC members are currently exempt from this June 17 price increase.  Members adding any of the Dining Plans to their point-based reservations in 2013 will pay the pricing originally announced for the 2013 calendar year.  

Disney Vacation Club members are also exempt from peak season pricing on the Dining Plans.  

Disney does reserve the right to alter this policy and charge the higher rates to DVC members at any time.  Members planning to add a Dining Plan to their 2013 reservation--who are also concerned about a potential price increase--may wish to add the Dining Plan sooner rather than later.  Note that full payment for any Dining Plan add-on is due at the time it is linked to the reservation.