Disney Charging for Resort Packages?

WDW Vacation Planning News

With airlines charging up to $100 round trip for a single suitcase, many Walt Disney World guests have begun mailing items to their resort ahead of time.  Shipping a box of items via UPS or FedEx can be a more economical alternative to the airline fees.  But it seems that Disney may soon absorb a bit of that savings.


According to our sources, Disney is in the process of rolling-out a series of fees associated with having packages delivered to its resorts on behalf of an arriving guests.  Reportedly guests will be charged handling fees of $3 for a "small" package, $5 for a "medium" package and $10 for a "large" package.  The exact definition of each classification is unknown at this time but will probably be based upon the weight of the item.

Note that these fees do NOT apply to resort package delivery from Walt Disney World gift shops.  These are fees for having packages and other items mailed directly to the resort (from home, shopping service, etc.) and claimed upon arrival.  

The fees could go into effect resort-wide at any time.  Stay tuned for details.