Owner's Locker tip

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Are you the proud owner of more than one Owner's Locker?  If so, we've got a tip which may help save a little space next time you visit your Disney Vacation Club villa. 

At first glance those purple Owner's Lockers may seem like an off-the-shelf storage bin that can be purchased at any Target department store.  In reality, the Owner's Lockers we see today are the result of a careful trial-and-error testing process undertaken in the months leading up to the service's debut. 

One of the more ingenious features of the lockers allows multiple bins to be either nested or stacked depending upon their orientation. 

In stacking mode, bins being used to store items can be piled high to both conserve space and allow for relatively easy access to the items contained within. 

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Owner's Locker Stacked vs Nested

Pegs carefully designed at the top of each bin will fully support stacking of the lidless bins.

Empty lockers can be rotated 180 degrees where they will conveniently nest within one another, conserving space within the villa. 

Owner's Locker Stacked vs Nested

Owner's Locker is an Orlando-area service which provides personalized storage bins for the vacation essentials guests do not wish to transport back-and-forth during each visit.  Locker delivery and pickup is provided to over 200 hotels in the Orlando area including all Walt Disney World hotels and villas.   In the days of airline luggage fees, an Owner's Locker can often pay for itself. 

A sign-up discount is available to Disney Vacation Club members; visit DVCMember.com for the discount link.  Complete details on the Owner's Locker service can be found at www.ownerslocker.com.