Saratoga Springs walkway progress - April 2014

Saratoga Springs Resort

Workers continue to make progress on the walkway / dock which will run between Disney'sSaratoga Springs Resort & Spa and the Downtown Disney Marketplace.  

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SSR Dock

As part of the dramatic expansion and rebranding of Downtown Disney into the Disney Springs shopping district, a new watertop walking path and boat dock is being constructed.  The path shortens the existing walk from the Saratoga Springs Congress Park area to Downtown Disney by crossing over a narrow section of Village Lake.  

SSR Dock

Walkway from Saratoga Springs to DTD as viewed from SSR

The current path runs alongside heavily traveled Buena Vista Drive to the east of Saratoga Springs and Downtown Disney.  

SSR Dock

Walkway to the left and boat dock extending out to the right

The route alterations may not seem dramatic from overhead images but are likely to reduce walking time by approximately 5 minutes in each direction.  

SSR Dock

Overhead view with approximate location of walkway / dock location identified

The new structure is T-shaped in design, with the shorter part of the "T" connecting the resort and shopping plaza, and a longer dock extending into Village Lake.  

SSR Dock

End of the structure reportedly designed to serve as a boat dock

One individual we spoke with claims that the design is intended to allow boats to dock at this location.  There were no specifics on whether or not Disney plans to actively ferry guests on its Sassagoula riverboats from or to this site.