RFID install at Contemporary Resort

Bay Lake Tower

Disney's Contemporary Resort is ground zero for Walt Disney World's installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology property-wide.  

Numerous RFID solutions have been installed throughout the Contemporary--including the Disney Vacation Club Bay Lake Tower--as Disney begins to roll-out this new technology.  

The most visible change to guests are the RFID room keys which allow guests to simply tap their Key To The World card on an RFID receiver panel to unlock the door.  

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Bay Lake Tower RFID

In the photo above, note the rectangular RFID activator pad above the door handle.

Bay Lake Tower elevators received similar enhancements.  As part of limiting access to the resort's Top of the World Lounge, elevators will not travel to the 16th floor unless the room key of a 16th floor guest or Disney Cast Member is tapped on the RFID panel. 

Bay Lake Tower RFID

Keys themselves are similar but not identical to the non-RFID enabled cards.

Bay Lake Tower RFID

Non-RFID Key To The World card

Bay Lake Tower RFID

RFID Key To The World card

Website WDWMagic.com reports that testing has also begun on RFID room charges at several Contemporary locations including the Contempo Cafe, pool bars and resort gift shops.  RFID pads installed at cash registers allow resort guests to tap their card to complete a purchase.  Purchases over $50 also require entry of a unique 4-digit pin code.  

For additional details on RFID charging visit WDWMagic.com.

RFID door locks are reportedly being installed now at Disney's Old Key West Resort.  RFID payment systems and other technologies will eventually be adopted at all resort and theme park locations.  

Thanks to Wil and Denise for photos and info!