Bay Lake Tower activity schedule

Bay Lake Tower

We've spent the past several weeks looking at activity schedules from various Disney Vacation Club resorts.  Next up is the Bay Lake Tower at Disney Contemporary Resort--a resort which features some interesting variations in scheduled activities compared to other locations. 

Below is a copy of the two page activity schedule for Bay Lake Tower. When comparing to other resorts like Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, it's immediately apparent that the Bay Lake Tower schedule is less structured with many activities and crafts available upon demand rather than being offered on a specific day and time.  

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Bay Lake Tower Activity Schedule

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Poolside activities at Bay Lake Tower are similar to other resorts. Trivia games, water basketball and chalk art are featured activities along with the daily pool party.  The resort also features a daily campfire on the nearby beach and nightly outdoor film presentations. 

Bay Lake Tower Activity Schedule

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The activity schedule is where Bay Lake Tower differs noticeably from other resorts.  Rather than offering various activities during 30-60 minute windows throughout the day, Bay Lake Tower has a designated "Signature Activity" in which guests can partake at their convenience between the hours of 10am - 1pm daily.  The activities themselves are familiar--Mickey Tie Die shirts, ceramics and others--and a nominal fee is required in order to participate. 

Other smaller-scale craft projects are available throughout the day including bead art, suncatchers and coloring activites. 

Also unique to Bay Lake Tower is a weekly beer tasting at The Wave restaurant.  This event is currently offered from 3 - 4pm on Saturdays, and is free to all guests over age 21. 

Reminder that schedules can and do change so be sure to consult the activity guide upon arrival and contact the front desk or Community Hall for reservations or additional details. 

Thanks to Wil for forwarding a copy of the schedule!