New Grand Californian Concept Art

Well, we're back from our Disneyland / Grand Californian scounting trip!  Fortunately for our readers, it was a working vacation.  Courtesy of several meetings with Disney Vacation Club and Walt Disney Imagineering execs, we're going to have a ton of new information to share this week regarding the Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Resort and Spa

And just to whet your appetite, here's some brand new concept artwork for the Grand Californian villas:

mt_ignore:Villas at Disneys Grand Californian Resort (copyright 2008 Disney)

Artist Rendering--Proposed Construction
(Artwork copyright 2008 Disney)

Not bad, eh?

If you put this image side-by-side with the previously released concept art you will probably see some design differences between the two.  Why the differences?  Check back tomorrow and we'll explain--or rather we'll let a Disney Imagineer explain.