DVC Villas in Hong Kong?

According to an entry in Honor Hunter's Blue Sky Disney blog, Disney is considering a plan that would see them adding DVC Villas to the struggling Hong Kong Disneyland resort area.

In his January 8th "Blue Sky Alert", Hunter gives an overview of many plans on the table to help grow the youngest of Disney's theme parks.  In addition to plans for more attractions, more hotels and more shopping, his sources indicate that some execs are pushing for the addition of timeshare villas to the expansion plan.

One proposal that has yet to be greenlit, but is very popular is the possibility of adding DVC units to the resort. There are some logistics that have to be overcome, but these units are something the Mouse would greatly like to have available once the park's expansion is completed.

While all of the information in Hunter's blog is unofficial and very much subject to change, his track record in these areas suggest that the information originates with well-placed sources within The Walt Disney Company. 

The entire blog entry can be found HERE, and it features a wealth of information regarding the future of the Hong Kong Disneyland development.