Hurricane Matthew Impacts Hilton Head, Vero

With Hurricane Matthew about to bear down on the eastern seaboard, two Disney Vacation Club resorts are proactively taking steps to accommodate guests.  

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Hurricane Matthew

Projected track of Hurricane Matthew (

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is taking no chances with the hurricane, ordering nearly 1/4 of the state's 4.8 million residents to evaucate starting on Wednesday, October 5.  Schools and government offices will close, and all citizens are being asked to move at least 100 miles away from the coast.  

Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort falls well within the evauation zone.  The resort will close on Wednesday.  Accommodations are being made for all current guests, while incoming guests are being contacted by Member Services to reschedule. 

The Weather Channel reports that work on the island's beach relcamation project has been suspended, four institutions of higher learning will be closed including the University of South Carolina and college sporting events are being rescheduled.  

In Florida, lawmakers are taking a less aggressive approach to preparations.  Governor Rick Scott is planning to activate 500 members of the National Guard and place 6000 more on standby.  So far no mandatory evacuations have been ordered.  

However, Disney's Vero Beach Resort is contacting incoming guests and offering to cancel the reservation and refund points with no penalty.  

Hurricane Matthew is currently classified as a Category 4 storm.  It made landfall in Cuba around 8pm Eastern on Tuesday, and is expected to arrive in Florida by Thursday and parts of Georgia and the Carolinas as early as Friday.  

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