Beach Club carpet test and refurb

The hallways at Disney's Beach Club Villas are being used to test materials for a refurbishment scheduled to begin in late 2014.  

Disney Files Magazine reports that various carpet samples are currently installed at the Beach Club in anticipation of next years refurb project.  Swatches in different colors, styles and patterns have been placed throughout the resort to help select the best combination of design and durability for the renovation.  

During the December 2012 Condo Association meeting, Disney Vacation Club representatives listed the Beach Club Villas as one of the resorts scheduled for refurbishment within the next two years.  The extent of this refurbishment is currently not known.  

Disney typically performs "soft goods" refurbs every few years, replacing linens, window, floor and wall coverings.  Less freequent are "hard goods" refurbishments which extend to furniture, fixtures, appliances, countertops and similar materials with extended useful lives.  

Disney's Beach Club Villas opened in July 2002.