Vero Area Residents Upset at County, Disney

Vero Beach Resort

Wabasso Beach Park will be closed through Thursday, February 14th as county leaders have given Disney approval to use the park as a staging area for its beachfront replacement project.  Website tells us that some local residents aren't particularly thrilled with the move.

3,600 cubic yards of sand are being trucked in to help replenish the beach at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.  Disney officials secured use of the Wabasso Beach Park to store the 100 truckloads of sand arriving each day.  In return for temporary use of the park, Disney is importing 500 cubic yards of sand to be placed on the park's beachfront. 

Some residents were upset at the move with one declaring:  "This is a joke."

This is not the first time that Disney has replaced beachfront sand at it's Vero Beach resort:

Diane Hancock, communications manager for Disney Vacation Club, said the resort has been replenishing its dune since 1999.

"It depends on if we need to," she said. "It's not every single year that we've needed it."

Not all residents are upset by the move--a local restauranteur reported an increase in business which was attributed to traffic from Disney's contractors working on the beach replenisment project.