Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent

Changes appear to be on the horizon for the signature dining venue at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Artist Point at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Something is happening at Artist Point.  We just aren't quite sure what.  

Back in May, the 180 day dining window opened for November 2018 at Walt Disney World restaurants. However, those hoping to book a meal at Artist Point discovered that nothing was available.  In fact, October 28, 2018 is the final day for which Advance Dining Reservations can currently be made.  

Two more months have passed and there is still no availability for November or December.  Disney has not commented on the sitaution but signs point to a closure of some unknown duration.  

Restaurant refurbishments are not uncommon.  Flying Fish at Disney's BoardWalk closed for several months back in 2016 for renovations.  California Grill did the same back in 2013.  

However, rumors suggest this may be something different. One story making the rounds claims that Artist Point will shed its Disney "signature" status and be converted to a character dining venue. But consider that stricty a rumor at this time. 

Disney recently took steps to reduce the rowdy atmosphere at neighboring Whispering Canyon Cafe. Time will tell if this policy change has any relation to future plans for Artist Point.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent -- athenna
2018 Jul 03 08:19:15 PM
Wow! I hope its just a refurb. would be unusual to lose a signature restaurant wouldnt it? Its one of those places I always say I'm going to try and I never do. I had a whole day planned for my husband during our honeymoon that was to end with dinner here, but changed my mind when we re-looked at the budget.
Re: Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent -- simbasmom
2018 Jul 04 12:45:53 PM
So sad to us if the rumors of character dining are true. I fondly remember spending our 30th anniversary there. The manager met us and escorted us to our table where our personalized menus awaited. Free champagne toast; Amuse Bouche; great service food, and ambiance. And since we'd eloped 30 years before, this was like our wedding reception dinner. Couldn't be happier with the memories! Too bad if no one else can have such an experience-

Re: Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent -- MiniMN
2018 Jul 05 08:38:19 AM
simbasmom, that is a wonderful, sweet story! Congratulations!
Re: Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent -- denlo
2018 Jul 05 11:43:19 AM
We had a similar experience for our 29th anniversary. The food was superb, the service excellent and we really felt special. Artist Point has been our special occasion place for a number of years. We stopped going there for a while because a new chef ruined the menu and it was terrible. But then a replacement chef came back a year or so ago and it was really good again. Sorry to see this leaved.

I have heard that the restaurant will reopen as a character meal. We used to go character meals, then Disney dumbed down the food and raised the prices so now we only do these meals when we take the young children of our family. And it is only once during their trip. They can see lots of characters around the parks.
Re: Artist Point Closure Appears Imminent -- TimK
2018 Jul 05 12:12:44 PM
The approach that would seem to make most sense is character breakfast and signature dinner. (Lunch either way, or not at all.) Going character meal all day look seems like a risky proposition. Character meals are priced on the high end and Disney can't take for granted that there's enough demand for 3x per day.
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