Digital Key Launching Next Week?

Walt Disney World's new "Digital Key" room entry system appears to be set to debut the week of April 15 at Disney's Wilderness Lodge


When Disney recently shared details regarding its Digital Key program, they said only that the option would launch "soon" with no specific date revealed.  "Soon" may be just a few days away.  

Multiple posters on the DISBoards are reporting that their reservation details within the MyDisneyExperience app have been updated to include an "Unlock Door" feature.  One poster is scheduled to arrive on April 15.  Click HERE to view the post and accompanying images.  

The Digital Key system is an alternative to Disney's MagicBands, allowing hotel guests to hold their bluetooth-enabled smartphones near any entry point, tapping a button to unlock.  The feature will supposedly work on hotel and villa doors, resort entry gates, pools, fitness centers and any other locked resort location.  

It is not known if Disney plans to expand this feature to theme park gates, FastPass+ touchpoints or other non-resort locations, where it could conceivably serve as an alternative to MagicBands.  

Disney's Wilderness Lodge was named as the first resort to receive this enhancement.  No word on how quickly it may expand to other properties.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Digital Key Launching Next Week? -- denlo
2018 Apr 11 11:33:51 AM
Based on self reporting on guests staying at Wilderness Lodge, Boulder Ridge or Copper Creek have the new unlock room feature on their phone. It is located under the resort reservation.

I expect that go to WDW in December the Digital Key will be opened to other resorts so I plan to try it. However, I doubt if I will use it regularly as it is just not as convenient as using a magic band since I have to log on and find my way to My Reservations. My one worry is that I will forget to key my magic band(s) to the door as well and then MB won't unlock doors around the resort. So I will have to repeatedly log on to My Disney Experience just to access the pool or laundry or some exit doors.
Re: Digital Key Launching Next Week? -- JaxFLBear
2018 Apr 12 08:38:42 AM
Per the DisneyParks twitter account, it rolled out on 4/11 at WL, BRV & CCV.
Re: Digital Key Launching Next Week? -- athenna
2018 Apr 12 09:48:18 AM
For me, I think it would only be useful if I'd forgotten my MB in the room, chances are wherever I'd gone, I'd have the phone. On my honeymoon in September, my husband wasn't feeling well and he laid down to take a nap, I'd gone to concierge lounge, I'd forgotten my MB in the room, but had the phone. Luckily hubby hadnt fallen asleep yet and I just knocked.
Re: Digital Key Launching Next Week? -- xvoltn
2018 Apr 14 02:58:25 PM
Not sure of the value of this unless they are going to do away with MB's (which is not happening anytime soon). Perhaps as a backup when the MB's fail (which seems to happen to at least one child on every trip and then you have to go to the desk for them to fix things)?
Re: Digital Key Launching Next Week? -- denlo
2018 Apr 15 10:27:18 AM
I have been thinking about it and teens and 20 somethings seem to always have their phones out. Some guests also might think wearing a magic band is not cool. So using the app would work for them.
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