New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort

The Walt Disney Company has revealed plans to build a 700-room hotel on the grounds of Disneyland Resort--only the fourth company-owned property at its Anaheim vacation complex.  

New Disneyland Hotel

Resort Lobby (concept)

The Orange County Register revealed Disney's plans to add a new hotel to its portfolio.  Disney aims to achieve AAA's prestigous four diamond rating at the new property.  Among its amenities will be a rooftop fireworks viewing deck, two pools, fitness center, concierge level and a kids' play area.  

New Disneyland Hotel

Resort Pool (concept)

No Disney Vacation Club component was immediately announced.  However, DVC additions have been linked to most Disneyland resort construction rumors in recent years.  The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is currently the only DVC property located at Disneyland.  The resort began selling in 2008 and opened in 2009, in the midst of the worst recession the U.S. has ever experienced.  

New Disneyland Hotel

Rooftop Restaurant (concept)

Disney Vacation Club sold the last of its Grand Californian points in October 2010.  Since then it has emerged as one of the most sought-after properties on the resale market with prices in the neighborhood of $150 per point--a notable increase in value over its initial offering price of $112 per point.  

The new resort is to be located in the current Downtown Disney parking lot, just north of both Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Hotel and west of the Disneyland theme park.  The resort does not yet have a name or a theme.  

Construction on the new resort is slated to begin in 2018 with an opening sometime in 2021.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort -- Mkeef
2016 Jun 08 02:13:40 AM
The one issue we've had with staying 'on property' at DL is there is no real extra benefit to staying at a Disney resort. The airport transfer isn't free and the same bus goes to the Disney good neighbour resorts as well. Also, with any multi day park pass you get one free early morning entry. Plus, there are dozens of hotels across the street and within walking distance. Many closer than PP and DLH. At least with WDW we get free transportation the entire vacation which saves us the need to rent a car and we like the immersion of being on property in WDW.

Everytime we go to DL we say we will stay at DLH or PP but between the three (GC included) hotels ranging from 200-600/night when you can stay, in many cases, closer for about 100-200 and many of the hotels include a free hot breakfast.
Re: New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort -- Brad1972
2016 Jun 08 11:30:07 AM
Mkeef wrote:
The one issue we've had with staying 'on property' at DL is there is no real extra benefit to staying at a Disney resort.
I have to agree with all of your points. As a WDW regular, I was especially surprised that you are unable to make charges to your hotel account at many of the venues in Downtown Disney. If I'm remembering correctly, I think there were even a few dining places within California Adventure that wouldn't accept room charges (Boudin Bakery comes to mind).

Having said that, I did love staying at the Grand Californian villas on my two trips out west. And I love Disneyland in general, so this announcement is very exciting!
Re: New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort -- Brad1972
2016 Jun 08 12:05:57 PM
I just took a look at the map to see where this new hotel would be located in relation to the rest of the property... Look like it will be located directly across the street (Disneyland Drive) from Adventureland and Tom Sawyer's Island. Then I started thinking -- what has been recently announced that will be coming to that location? The new Star Wars Land! Perhaps this new hotel will be themed around Star Wars!?! Maybe even with its own private entrance into Star Wars Land via a pedestrian tunnel beneath Disneyland Drive?

Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part, but this seems plausible to me. Disney will definitely be trying to capitalize as much as possible on their new property... And with the new Land coming in, they're probably anticipating more guests...

What do you think?
Re: New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort -- worldfanatic
2016 Jun 08 12:26:17 PM
As a So Cal local, this is amazing news.
While I only visit the actual Disneyland & California Adventure Parks once or twice a year anymore, I still make the 95 mile drive to the DLR Resort every couple months. And much of that time is spent on the Grand Californian & Disneyland Hotel Properties (even when I'm staying somewhere else).
It'll be fantastic to have an awesome 3rd Disney Hotel to spend time at. (Paradise Pier wasn't originally built as a Disney Hotel, and doesn't do much for me).

I would expect that this property will have a DVC component to it, but that won't be announced until well down the road so as to not hurt Aulani sales, for which Southern California is a prime market.
Re: New hotel revealed for Disneyland Resort -- imdizfan
2016 Jun 08 01:14:14 PM
Really like this news. Visited DL for the first time since 1969 earlier this year. Came away liking DL more than WDW.
Kicking myself for not splitting our initial contract in 2009. They had VGC with incentives at $87 (or maybe it was $85) per point.

VGC was great with the Christmas decorations, singing, etc.

Even if they do add DVC at the new hotel, we are unlikely to add-on. At this point, we're set on points.
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