Housekeeper arrested in Disney sting

A housekeeper at one of the Disney Vacation Club resorts was arrested Tuesday and charged with grand theft. 

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Disney's Old Key West Resort

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a member of the housekeeping staff at Disney's Old Key West Resort was arrested during a sting operation at the resort.  Mayra Alejandra Burgos was caught stealing money from a staged room at the resort.  According to the Orange County deputies report, investigators placed $200 cash in an envelope in the nightstand.  Burgos was captured on security cameras removing $20 from the envelope.  

Burgos was reportedly targeted by Disney security following an abnormally high number of theft reports coming from rooms that she had serviced.  

Florida statutes define several different degrees of grand theft.  The lowest--grand theft in the third degree--involves property valued at $300 or more.  Grand theft in the third degree is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5000 fine.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Not surprised! -- tolusape1
2017 Jun 16 09:40:08 PM
I had a pair of diamond earrings disappear at the same resort. It took 2 days for the resort to contact the housekeeper because it was their day off. I guess they've never heard of cell phones. I am still so angry because they made it to be my fault.
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