Old Key West Refurb Delayed

Guest room renovations planned for Disney's Old Key West Resort have been pushed back from their projected spring 2017 start date.  

Old Key West

Back in August we first reported on a 2-year refurbishment project at Disney's Old Key West Resort which was set to commence in the spring of 2017.  That project has met with delays and is now scheduled for summer 2017, a timeframe which would have work beginning no sooner than June.  

During last month's Condominium Assocation Meeting, Disney Vacation Club executives reported that room designs were still being finalized after receiving feedback from members staying in model rooms.  

This is a full "hard goods" refurbishment project, featuring updates to most aspects of the villa interiors including flooring, wall coverings, furniture and bathrooms.  It is expected to take more than 2 years to update more than 400 guest rooms at Old Key West.  

In other resort news, the winter refurbishment of the Old Key West main pool has begun.  The pool reportedly closed on January 2 and will remain unavailable through February 2017.  Shuttle service is being provided for those wishing to utilize the feature pools at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  Old Key West has also expanded the operating hours for services at the Turtle Pond quiet pool.  

No major changes are anticipated at the Old Key West pool.  The closure is being used to maintain existing facilities.

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Old Key West Refurb Delayed -- denlo
2017 Jan 04 10:38:42 AM
I am really looking forward to seeing the room remodel for OKW. This full remodel is the first, as OKW is the original DVC resort, so we don't really know what all it entails.

Is there anything DVC owners of OKW would really like to have in their rooms? Or what decor really makes the resort feel like OKW?

I am a little confused on that subject. I know OKW was supposed to be based the decor of Victorian Key West. But to me the interior never was Victorian. And who would really want the uncomfortable furniture from that era? The buildings at OKW really remind me of the houses in old Galveston, Texas which are from the late 1800 to early 1900s. I have to admit that I don't remember seeing homes like these at Key West when we were there a few years ago. So I can't compare. The photos online of Historic Key West appear to be similar to these I took in Galveston. So I think DVC got the exterior correct. But what should be done with the inside decor?


Re: Old Key West Refurb Delayed -- bigcu
2017 Jan 04 11:24:00 AM
A relative who knows very little about WDW recently spent a night at OKW that I arranged for her while I was also there. As I drove her to her room she remarked, "Wow, this looks just like Key West!" She had been to Key West years ago and several times remarked on the similarity. I guess there must be at least some authenticity!
Re: Old Key West Refurb Delayed -- simbasmom
2017 Jan 05 09:06:55 AM
I do know that when I was watching one of the zillion HGTV shows I watch, I saw an area that I said "Hey, that looks just like OKW" and then found out it was Key West. We're at OKW right now, and the villa looks really tired-the floor has numerous dings and there're lots of chunks out of furniture. And the coffee table, with its "unique" paint job is....umm, how do I describe it? I'll think of what improvements I might like besides "Spruce it up".oh, I can think of one-get rid of those pull up curtains that take forever to pull up.
Re: Old Key West Refurb Delayed -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Jan 05 09:34:05 AM
I prefer to believe that Key West resembles OKW.
Re: Old Key West Refurb Delayed -- TimK
2017 Jan 05 01:27:41 PM
I'll preface this by saying that I have ZERO interior design experience. (Big shock, eh?)

With that out of the way, my sense has always been that while most of the Disney resorts are true to their theme, they are also gushing with 1990s design sensibilities. Things like the heavy use of ceramic tile at OKW (probably Vero and HHI too), the hunter green color palette at VWL and much of the in-room artwork & accessories which (in my opinion) had grown to look quite tacky.

But some people grew attached to the decor and view any change as a downgrade. The recent Beach Club refurb is probably the most polarizing. At no time did I EVER look at those rooms and think: "wow, this is exactly how a New England cottage would look in the early 1900s!"

To me, BCV was always a 1990s hotel room with a few beach-like splashes.

Now, after the refurb, it's a mid-2010s hotel room with a few beach-like splashes. (At least it's no longer 15+ years out of date!)

I'm expecting similar for OKW. Look at the Vero refurb for a hint...those rooms are surprisingly elegant and inviting for a Disney resort that's nearly 25 years old. At OKW, I expect they'll keep some of those lighter pastel colors. The exterior design won't change. But inside we'll see some darker woods, new counters & appliances, maybe new cabinets, 21st century bathrooms, USB charging ports and so on.

Anyone who expects the rooms to remain frozen in time will be disappointed. But I think the majority realize they need an update which goes beyond new furniture and wallpaper.

One of the rumors I've heard is that part of the delay has to do with the master bathroom tub. At Vero, they removed that corner jacuzzi tub and replaced with a pedestal. I know the pedestal tubs at BCV do not have any sort of bubble/jacuzzi feature. Rumor is that DVC may upgrade to pedestal tubs with the bubblers on the bottom, like they installed at VGF. We'll see...
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