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DVCNews Debates: One Bedroom Occupancy

DVCNews DebatesDisney Vacation Club ownership documents officially list the maximum occupancy of most One Bedroom villas as 4 guests.  Over the years that occupancy was expanded to 4 guests plus 1 under age three.  More recently DVC has begun to allow up to 5 guests of any age (despite the units having sleeping accommodations for only 4 guests.)

This unofficial policy has lead some members to question when / if the policy will be interpreted differently by DVC.  

Should Disney Vacation Club officially acknowledge the higher occupancy in all One Bedroom villas?  If so, should they consider adding the sleeper chairs or convertible armoires (a la Grand Californian Villas) for the 5th guest with member dues billed for the expense?  Or should DVC go back to enforcing the original occupancy limit of these units? 

 Topic: Share thoughts regarding the occupancy of One Bedroom Villas.


DVCNews Debates: Pricing

DVCNews DebatesThere was a time when Disney Vacation Club resorts often appreciated in value after the property was "sold out" and no longer being actively marketed.  Buyers looking to purchase via resale would pay more than the original buyer for a contract that had fewer years remaining.

However in recent years this is no longer the case.  Many of the older resorts--with contracts ending in just over 30 years--have seen their resale values decline.  Even Saratoga Springs values have dropped sharply despite contracts that run for another 45 years.   

 Topic: What are your thoughts regarding the disparity between direct and resale pricing?  Is DVC charging too much?  Is the economy largely to blame?


DVCNews Debates: Disneyland vs Walt Disney World

DVCNews DebatesDespite being creations of The Walt Disney Company, the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resort complexes feature many differences. 

Disneyland is a very compact development with two expansive theme parks and three resort hotels.  The more intimate nature of Disneyland means that guests can easily experience all it has to offer without need for time-consuming bus or boat journeys. Yet the Disneyland Resort lacks many of the ancillary features (watersports, golf, etc.) present at Walt Disney World.  

Walt Disney World is much larger with four theme parks, two waterparks, dozens of hotels and many other recreation alternatives.  Yet the Walt Disney World theme parks are somewhat under-developed compared to their California counterparts.

 Topic: Which Disney resort do you prefer--Disneyland or Walt Disney World?


DVCNews Debates: Housekeeping Gratuities

DVCNews DebatesTipping for housekeeping services within the hotel industry is a topic that seems to garner a wide range of responses.  Some religiously tip on a daily basis while others have never considered leaving a gratuity for that type of service.

Things are a bit more complicated in the Disney Vacation Club world with most guests staying in multi-room suites and the limited nature of cleaning services.  

 Topic: Do you tip housekeeping during or after your Disney Vacation Club stays?  


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