DVCNews Debates: Security

DVCNews DebatesIn recent weeks, Disney announced some changes to the resort experience seemingly aimed at improve security at its hotels and timeshare villas.  Some critics have blasted such moves as little more than ineffective "security theater."  However, if security concerns were not impacting guests, there would seem to be little reason for adding to the "theater."

 Topic:  Have you ever felt that security was inadequate at a DIsney theme park or resort?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
I disagree with what they suggest, I do get the need for security, always felt safe -- Bolebrothers
2018 Jan 08 08:53:31 AM
I have always felt safe at Disney, that being a park or resort, Florida or Paris.
But i get that there is indeed need for security in this day and age we live in, a very sad fact.
However, the idea of housekeeping coming in and doing a walk through once every day, and not knowing
when they plan to disturb me, that will make my stay less enjoyable.
In another thread I saw they made an effort to give a time slot if you complain, and maybe that will help.
I know normal hotel rooms have daily housekeeping, but it was just the predictability of a DVC stay i liked
to plan around.
Then again, so would probably persons with bad intentions...

I disagree with what they suggest, I do get the need for security, but i have always felt safe...

Re: DVCNews Debates: Security -- bakerworld
2018 Jan 08 10:32:39 AM
We have never felt unsafe at Disney. We have seem more police presence at the Boardwalk, Disney Springs and Epcot then the Jersey shore or our home town. We've gone lots of places where we have not felt as safe - Arizona, Nassau, Puerto Rico, Canada to name a few. However, I don't believe any place is totally safe so we take precautions. We use the room safes. We have paired down what we bring on vacation - $$ and cards. We don't leave expensive articles or receipts sitting around the villa.

I am always amazed - aghast :shock: - when I see parents paying no attention to their kids or letting them separate without immediate supervision.
Dead Bolt -- brdwyguy
2018 Jan 08 01:41:26 PM
Guess that will mean I WILL be using the 'Dead Bolt' on my door! Or are they removing those as well? I know they are on OKW & VGF not sure about other resorts but I bet a lot of people will be using them now!
Re: DVCNews Debates: Security -- krisbee
2018 Jan 08 01:59:08 PM
The idea is if someone is stockpiling weapons, they might see that before something happens. It is a small price to pay having someone pick up the trash and do that check for even the slight chance of seeing something amiss for all of us.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Security -- LGM59
2018 Jan 08 03:08:06 PM
Going to need to remember to throw that deadbolt when we're in our room changing in to or out of our bathing suits ... :eek:
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