Irma Prompts Historic 2-Day Park Closure

All of the Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and Disney Springs shopping district will close for two full days as the Orlando area braces for Hurricane Irma.  

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Via the Walt Disney World website, Disney has confirmed that all of its Florida parks will be closed on Sunday, September 10 and Monday, September 11, 2017.  The full statement reads as follows:

In anticipation of inclement weather, Walt Disney World Parks and Disney Springs will be closed Sunday, September 10 and Monday, September 11. We will be operating as planned Friday, September 8 and will have modified hours on Saturday, September 9.

A wide range of other event cancellations and closures will also occur.  The complete rundown can be found HERE.  

Disney Vacation Club's hurricane policy is in full effect with zero penalty for cancelled reservations.  Disney's Vero Beach Resort closed earlier today and Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort is scheduled to close by Saturday morning so that staff members themselves may evacuate to safety.  

Orlando International Airport and Sanford Airport will close at 5:00 and 5:30pm respectively on Saturday, September 9 with no estimate on resumption of services.  Mandatory evacuations are in place in many parts of Florida.  

Hurricane Irma may be downgraded to a Category 2 storm by the time it hits the Orlando area.  However a storm of that force can still bring winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Irma Prompts Historic 2-Day Park Closure -- denlo
2017 Sep 09 07:35:42 AM
Hurricane Irma is currently 400 miles across. Currently the projected the path for Irma is following the Gulf Coast of Florida then most of the state until the panhandle will still feel the effects of the storm.


Stay safe everyone. Our thoughts here in the Houston area are with you!
Re: Irma Prompts Historic 2-Day Park Closure -- Diana
2017 Sep 14 01:17:23 PM
We are now in SC driving to FL. Our home in Davenport is still without any power and word is it will remain the same until midnight this Sunday. I don't think there will be much damage, if any, but we won't actually know until we get there later today. If anything, we heard it will have been caused by the winds and we may luck out and only have some tiles missing on the roof. I called DVC this morning and we were able to get 2 nights at Boulder Ridge for tonight and tomorrow night but there's no availability for Saturday night. So, I called to see if any availability in a moderate resort and was able to get Caribbean Resort for Saturday night. They also waived the $95 processing fee for converting my points to cash when I mentioned I needed a place to stay because of Irma. Thought that was very nice of them. Good thing I previously had booked BLT and The Boardwalk or we could be in trouble. Will be staying in Florida until October 7th now. My husband is supposed to go to the Patriots/Tampa game on October 5th.
Re: Irma Prompts Historic 2-Day Park Closure -- denlo
2017 Sep 14 01:34:12 PM
I hope your home is fine and you get power soon. And have a wonderful time at WDW.
Re: Irma Prompts Historic 2-Day Park Closure -- Diana
2017 Sep 14 01:47:40 PM
Thanks, Denise. Will keep my fingers crossed. Will definitely have a good time in Disney resorts and theme parks.

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