Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios

Ceramic mugs and glasses have been removed from a number of Disney Vacation Club resorts, replaced with paper and plastic products.  

Update 4/26: Response from Disney has been added to story.  

Studio Dishes 2018

Aulani Deluxe Studio supplies

It appears that glassware is being removed from Deluxe Studio villas at select resorts, replaced with disposable coffee and water cups.  Feedback from readers identifies Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas and Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa as being impacted by this change.  

Thus far, the apparently policy change has not expanded to all Disney Vacation Club properties.  Guests recently staying at Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, Disney's Beach Club Villas and Disney's BoardWalk Villas report finding the typical array of glassware inside their rooms.  

Nearly a decade ago, DVC took steps to remove the glasses and mugs from Deluxe Studio rooms.  At the time, Disney claimed that hand washing of such items was deemed insufficient to meet new cleanliness standards.  Member outrage ensued and Disney ultimately reversed the policy, going so far as to install glass washing machines at resorts which previously lacked such equipment.  

A Disney spokesperson confirmed the changes at both Aulani and Saratoga Springs.  This does not represent an official policy change, rather the use of disposable cups has been implemented on a trial basis.  Disney Vacation Club "will pay close attention to our members' feedback before making any permanent changes."

Deluxe Studio villas are equipped with only a small bar sink and no in-room dishwasher.  Other supplies include paper plates, paper bowls and plastic dining utensils.  Larger DVC rooms including One, Two and Three Bedroom villas are all outfitted with dishwashers, and feature traditional glass & ceramic dishware.  

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios -- Steamboat42
2018 Apr 25 11:04:29 AM
Amazing. In rooms with dishwashers I am ok with actual dishes. If there is no dishwasher, how are the cleaning employees supposed to effectively clean the dishes?

This is great news, IMO.
Re: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios -- DVCMommy2
2018 Apr 25 11:52:56 AM
I completely agree. I’d prefer the paper and plastic! I have no desire to wash dishes on vacation!
Re: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios -- MiniMN
2018 Apr 25 12:07:05 PM
Nooooooo!!!! I prefer my coffee in a real cup.
Re: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios -- dan58diz
2018 Apr 25 02:05:17 PM
If I check into a 1BR villa ANYWHERE and I have only paper products for plates and bowls, I intend to shove everyone of them into the dishwasher and turn it on. This is not the level of service I expect, nor what I paid for. Next, we'll only have plastic silverware...gotta love cutting a steak with a lego piece. Prices continue to climb, both for points, passes, and everything else Disney.....and we are getting less and less everywhere.
I can't wait, to save on Disney having to do laundry, we'll dry off after showers with those brown paper napkins, and beds will be lined with that plastic paper generally found on doctor exam tables. Get up, throw it out. Throw everything out. Water conservation ! So, what's the going resale rate for my 900 points? I am continually pushed further and further away from my favorite place in the world. May be time to find a new happy place.
Re: Glasses and Mugs Disappearing from DVC Studios -- Stitch
2018 Apr 25 04:57:01 PM
We've been down this road before. Years ago the real china and glassware was removed as a "safety" issue and quickly replaced after a month or so due to member complaints.

Make your preference known. They do listen.
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