General DVC News

Adventures by Disney Scales Back

Among the many destinations available to Disney Vacation Club members is the ability to apply their points toward tours provided through Adventures by Disney.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, that option will diminish greatly in 2010 amid a still-struggling global economy.

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Garden City DtD Event Recap staff member Marilyn Garfinkel attended this week's Doorway to Dreams event in Garden City, NY. As with prior events, pricing offered to Doorway to Dreams August 2009attendees was a few dollars less than the best deals available to the general public during the same timeframe. Click HERE to view Mar's recap and photos from the event.

In related news, during the Doorway to Dreams presentation, Disney Vacation Club reps confirmed the pending price increase for Bay Lake Tower points.  Look for a $120 base price by early October.

Long Island DTD Event

Disney Vacation Club is holding another regional "Vacation as You Wish" event, this time in conjunction with the opening of their new Doorway to Dreams sales center on Long Island.  The sales center will be located at the Roosevelt Field Mall while the event is being held at the nearby Garden City Hotel

The event dates are August 28 to 31, 2009.  Email invitations have been sent to both members and non-members alike.  Space is limited and advance registration is required.