New Balcony Chairs for DVCs

Sometimes it is all too easy to focus on negative changes that occur within the Disney Vacation Club program.  Today it's time to acknowledge a change with positive impact for members--a significant improvement in the quality of chairs on DVC room balconies.

Previously DVC guest rooms featured the type of flimsy plastic chair you could buy for $9.95 at any home improvement store.  Those models have recently been replaced with custom-design cast iron chairs. Let's take a look at the chairs that have arrived at Disney's BoardWalk and Saratoga Springs resorts.

First-up, the BoardWalk Villas:

The chair is an attractive white metal design with a webbed seat that clearly matches the look and feel of the resort itself.  The chair isn't terribly "custom" in appearance, but still a good fit for the resort.

How about Saratoga Springs:

Similar construction but with a design that better matches Saratoga Springs.  And, if you look closely, you'll find something interesting etched on the back of the chair.