Disney Visa Sign-up Offer

A new offer has been posted to DVCMember.com--a $75 gift card for those who enroll and are accepted into the Disney Rewards Visa program from Chase.

To enroll for the Chase Disney Visa and be eligible to receive the $75 gift card, click HERE.

A full list of terms and conditions for this offer can be found at the enrollment page linked above.

Benefits of the Disney Visa include 0% APR for a limited time on DVC point purchases, a rewards program (approximately $1 for every $100 charged) and there are also benefits available to members throughout the Disney theme parks.  Periodically DVC and Chase have been known to team-up to offer added incentives for cardholders to purchase additional points using their Chase Disney Visa.  One example is the current $500 reward point incentive which ends in a few short days.