Direct Sales Remain Soft in October 2021

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For the second consecutive month, sales of Disney Vacation Club points for the 11 resorts at Walt Disney World failed to reach the 100,000-point mark.

Disney's Riviera ResortDisney's Riviera Resort

In October 2021, 99,766 points were sold for the 11 DVC resorts located at Walt Disney World, slightly less than the 99,802 points that were sold in September.  This marks the third month in 2021 when sales did not reach the 100,000-point level.  Despite the reduced sales in the last two months, DVC sales are averaging 120,293 points a month so far in 2021.

Disney’s Riviera Resort sold 63,604 points in October, 63.8% of the total for the month.  In the previous four months, Disney’s Old Key West Resort was second in sales, averaging over 19,000 points a month.  However, in October Old Key West sales dropped to only 6,833 points.  Moving into second behind Riviera was Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas with 8,050 points.

DVC Direct Sales October 2021

For the second month in a row no points were sold for the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. DVC has seemingly placed a halt on all Grand Floridian sales until they introduce the new phase 2 points for units set to open in summer 2022

Disney’s Riviera Resort —  In October 2021, 63,604 points were sold for the Riviera Resort.  For the year, Riviera is averaging 69,543 points in monthly sales.  To date, Disney has sold 2,405,385, or 35.7%, of the resort's 6.7 million points.  

On September 29, 2021, Disney declared 21 vacation homes for the DVC inventory.  It has now declared 167 of Riviera’s 341 vacation homes.  In terms of points, the declared inventory accounts for about 3,327,263 points, or 49.4% of the resort’s total points. 

Disney has sold 86 Fixed Week deeds for Riviera. However, for the first time since July 2020, no Fixed Week deeds were sold for Riviera this past month. 

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