Resales Increase In Price And Decrease in Volume

Recorded resale prices continue an upward trajectory while recorded volume has decreased from June.

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaDisney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

Data from private sale deeds transfers in July 2021 show resale median pricing rising for resorts by $5-6 per point or 3-4%. The only resort with a reduction to median pricing was Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney's Wilderness Lodge which reduced from $111 per point to $110 per point.

Median prices represent the midpoint of all transfer values for each resort and period in question. Transactions occurred at rates both higher and lower than the median, as illustrated in the chart below.

2021 July Range

Disney's Old Key West ResortDisney's BoardWalk VillasDisney's Beach Club VillasDisney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge had more significant median price increases of $11 per point, $10 per point, $11 per point, $12 per point, and $12 per point respectively.  Driving the larger price increase at each of these resorts was a higher number of small point contracts in July (an effect highlighted previously for Boulder Ridge).  When removing this effect, each of these resorts fits in range with the other resort price increases.

Resale prices for Disney’s Riviera Resort continue to fluctuate. Useful conclusions remain elusive with only 39 total contracts sold in 2021, four of those during the month of July.

In total, 83k points across 558 private sale deeds were recorded in July 2021 with the Orange County (FL) Comptroller, a decrease of 19% from June. This number is lower than the 125k direct points sold in July for the same resorts.

Disney Vacation Development’s buyback activity in July suggests the maximum buyback price increased by $10 per point at Copper Creek to $150 per point.  The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa showed a buyback price increase of $35 per point to $155 per point but this was following a reduction of $40 per point in June to $120 per point.  Polynesian Villas maximum buyback price decreased by $7 per point to $135 per point.  The remaining resorts had small increases in maximum buyback prices from June.  Buyback volume was up overall by 13% to 36k points with Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa having the most significant increase in activity from 5k points to 13k points.

private party
DVD buyback
Apr May Jun Apr May Jun
OKW 110 114 125 105 105 108
BWV 125 130 140 122 121 125
BRV 106 111 110
BCV 145 149 160 114
SSR 111 120 125 110 116 120
AKV 121 125 130 110 118 122
BLT 160 164 170 153 153 158
VGF 180 180 186 160 120 155
PVB 154 159 171 142 142 135
CCV 148 153 165 140 150
RVA 134 136 145

Exercising its Right of First Refusal to buy back points can be a profitable venture for DVD. As the above price range data illustrates, DVD is frequently able to reacquire points for under $110 each at resorts like Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and BoardWalk. Disney then sells the points to new buyers, with published prices currently $186 each for Animal Kingdom and $210 for BoardWalk.

Old Key West remains a prime target of buybacks with DVD exercising its Right of First Refusal on a significant portion of recorded sales (64% of recorded points) for a maximum price of $105 USD per point. Overall, 30% of points (36k points across 177 buyback deeds) were recorded in July 2021. In the case of Old Key West, Disney is able to re-acquire contracts slated to end in 2042 and bundle them with the resort’s 15-year extension.

The price range data at the top also includes listing prices (green). Listing prices generally outpace prior sales but ultimately buyer interest will dictate market value.

points private party DVD buyback
Apr May Jun Apr May Jun
OKW 7.0k 12.1k 5.6k 8.1k 7.8k 9.9k
BWV 6.5k 8.6k 8k 3.4k 5.6k 3.5k
BRV 3.1k 6k 5.3k 0k 0k 0k
BCV 5.7k 6.9k 5.4k 0.5k 0k 0k
SSR 17.2k 18.4k 20.5k 3.6k 4.8k 13.2k
AKV 10.2k 13.8k 12.7k 2.2k 4.6k 2.4k
BLT 8.1k 9.2k 6.9k 3.2k 2.6k 2.5k
VGF 3.9k 6.1k 5.9k 0.8k 0.1k 0.6k
PVB 7k 13k 7.7k 1.8k 2.5k 0.9k
CCV 6.8k 7.5k 4.5k 0k 1k 2.7k
RVA 1.6k 1.7k 1k 0k 0k 0k
total 77.2k 103.2k 83.4k 23.6k 29k 35.7k

Disney Vacation Development’s buyback activity currently outpaces direct sales for at least two resorts: BoardWalk and Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort. In 2021, DVD has reacquired 24k at BoardWalk and 30k at Bay Lake Tower. Direct sales at those two resorts totaled 13k, and 20k respectively from January to July 2021.

Previously, Old Key West buybacks had been outpacing direct sales.  Above average direct point sales in both June and July (20k and 25k points respectively) have placed total 2021 direct sales at 80k points which is now above 2021 buybacks at 68k points.

At, there are resources including additional market datapricing regression analysis, and a DVC listing search engine--featuring 11 well established brokers who specialize in Disney Vacation Club timeshare ownership transfers.

Chris Dantès is a contributor to and has been a Disney Vacation Club owner since 2020 at Disney's Riviera Resort. You can find Chris posting on many Disney forums under the username i<3riviera.