• Disney Riviera Resort Confirmed

    Disney Riviera Resort Confirmed

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  • 2018 Member Cruise Announced

    2018 Member Cruise Announced

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  • New WDW Ticket Offers Available to Members

    New WDW Ticket Offers Available to Members

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DVCNews Debates: Disneyland vs WDW

DVCNews Debates

While many theme park attractions are replicated at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, both theme park complexes also have their share of unique qualities.  Starting with the compact nature of Disneyland vs the spaciousness of Walt Disney World, both also have their own unique hotels, restaurants, shops and even attractions.  Still many theme park fans seem reluctant to visit both coasts. 

 Topic:  Do you like to visit both DL and WDW or do you prefer to stick to one or the other?  Why?

DVCNews Debates: Annual Pass Promo Reaction

DVCNews Debates

Last month, Disney Vacation Club debuted a limited time member promo to purchase the Platinum Plus Annual Pass for 25% off the regular price, a savings of over $200 per ticket. At this pricing, the Platinum Plus Pass costs about the same price as the Gold Pass but includes visits to the Disney waterparks and eliminates blockout dates.  The discounted pass must be purchased by January 3, 2018.  While the pricing is certainly very attractive, is it enough to alter vacation plans?     

 Topic:  Did the Platinum Plus 25% discount prompt changes to your travel plans for 2017/18?

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