DVC Issuing Tax Credit to Some Resale Buyers

Disney Vacation Club is issuing credits to resale buyers impacted by a tax calculation error dating back to 2014. 

Disney Vacation Club

Select DVC owners are receiving notices of an Annual Dues credit applied to their account. The problem relates to property tax collections for the year in which a contract was purchased via the resale market. Disney Vacation Club routinely estimates the amount of taxes that will be billed by the county. Later in the year when the numbers are finalized, adjustments are issued to owners based upon whether the taxes were overestimated or underestimated. 

If property taxes were underestimated, the additional fees are billed to owners the following January. If taxes are overestimated, a credit is issued for the excess monies collected. 

DVC recently discovered that overestimated taxes were not being properly credited to the new member for the year in which a contract change owners. 

The problem applies to resales purchased between 2014 and 2019, but only in circumstances where a resort's property taxes were overestimated in the year of purchase. 

Disney Vacation Club is notifying impacted owners via email. A credit for the overpayment amount will appear on the owner's annual dues balance appearing on the DVC member website. The credit will be applied to either the member's next scheduled monthly payment or their 2022 balance if currently paid in full.