Corrections Being Processed for Digital ID Cards

DVC Policies & Procedures

Disney Vacation Club members with incorrect discount eligiblity status on their digital ID card are beginning to see corrections applied. 

Disney MagicMobile Card

In January 2022, Disney rolled-out an update to its MagicMobile digital ID card system, adding details regarding Disney Vacation Club membership and the individual's eligibility for DVC member perks. Over the past several years, DVC has changed the threshold for the number of points required to be eligible for owner perks. That number currently sits at 150 points purchased direct from DVC

With each increase, DVC grandfathered current owners who had qualified under the prior threshold. For example, the minimum was raised from 125 points to 150 points effective June 3, 2021. Those who owned 125 direct points prior to June 3rd remained eligible for member perks despite the higher threshold. 

However, when the new digital ID card was released, it apparently failed to take into account many grandfathered owners. Owners with 150 or more points bought direct from DVC had their status properly reflected while many others did not.

This issue persisted for more than 2 months. However, DVC is currently in the process of updating members' digital cards to reflect the proper status.

Disney MagicMobile

To view the current designation on an Apple smartphone, open the Wallet application and tap the digital Disney MagicMobile pass.  Tap the circle icon with 3 dots in the upper left. Under Affiliation, a notation of "DVC Y" indicates that the member is eligible for DVC perks and discounts. Those who are ineligible should see "DVC ND" in this same location. Similar funcationality is available to Android smartphone owners. 

Updates to member accounts are being rolled out gradually, so it may take time before all owners see their information corrected. 

For details on creating the MagicMobile digital ID card, refer to our prior coverage