DVC Welcomes 2021 with Member Website Outage

DVC Policies & Procedures

During one of the few days of the year in which Disney Vacation Club Member Services is unavailable to assist owners, the member website faces its own technical issues. 

Update: As of 1:45pm, the site appears to be functioning normally.

Website Tech

Website problems are nothing new to DVC. Occasional glitches leaving members unable to book reservations, pay annual dues or perform other transactions happen seemingly on a regular basis. But as of 12:00pm eastern on January 1, 2021, owners cannot even log into the site. Visitors are greeted with a message stating that "password-protected areas of this website are temporarily unavailable."

Outages of this nature are not unheard of, but they are typically announced in advance. In this case, Disney Vacation Club had previously revealed that Member Services would be closed on January 1, with members advised to use the website to perform transactions during the holiday. 

At this stage, owners can only wait and see when the site will recover. 

DVC Member Services is scheduled to reopen at 9:00am eastern on Saturday, January 2, 2021. 

Thanks to @Butch7986 for the tip!