On-Line Reservation Feature In Development

General DVC News

MousePlanet.com 's Mark Goldhaber recently sat down with Disney Vacation Club President Jim Lewis to discuss current resort developments and other happenings in the DVC world.  Perhaps the most noteworthy comment within that discussion was confirmation that DVC is actively working to make on-line reservations a reality. 


In responding to a question regarding technology initiatives currently being pursued by DVC, Lewis had this to say:

Our members clearly want an opportunity to be able to book on-line...and we have folks that are really working on that.  They have asked me not to commit too specifically...in terms of a timeline but that is something that we need to do.

Lewis also made reference to other technology changes occurring behind the scenes.  These changes are designed to feed into some form of software application accessible to members which will help them "find a much quicker match."  This statement related to both DVC resort bookings and even external exchanges via RCI.

Mark Goldhaber's converation with Jim Lewis has been posted to MousePlanet.com in podcast format (LINK.)   The podcast largely focuses upon the five DVC resorts currently under construction, but also addresses the change from Interval International to RCI, member satisfaction, regional sales centers and much more.