Casting call for DVC television program

General DVC News

A new Disney Vacation Club television program is being prepared for broadcast on networks including The Travel Channel, HGTV and ABC Family, and the production company is seeking current members with travel plans between March and May 2010.



We are producing a ½ hour program featuring Disney Vacation Club and it’s members that will air on cable networks such as Travel Channel, ABC Family, Style Network and HGTV. We are looking for fun, out-going and energetic families to be part of our show!

If you or any DVC members you know plan to travel in March, April or May, 2010, please contact us ASAP! All participants MUST be current DVC members. Deadline for submissions: MARCH 30, 2010!

Send submissions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are looking for the following families…

  • Disney World in Orlando, FL: A new DVC family who may have just joined the Club and are planning a trip to Disney World. This would include mom, dad and 2-3 kids between the ages of 4-11-years-old.
  • International Vacation: A DVC family who has been a member for several years planning an adventure travel trip to Europe or any other international destination. Ideally, we’d like mom, dad and teens (between the ages of 13-18) who plan to travel together on a family vacation through DVC.
  • A Destination Wedding!  We are looking for a young couple planning their wedding in Hawaii or other tropical destination at a DVC property.
  • Family Reunion or Multi-Generational Family Trip: We are looking for grandparents who are DVC members, traveling on a vacation with their kids and their grand children (between the ages of 4-20). Perhaps it is a trip to the West Coast, the Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe or some other fun outdoor experience.

Please email the following:

1)     Your name, contact email and phone numbers so we can reach you

2)     A RECENT photo of you and your immediate family (please, no hats or sunglasses).

3)     A brief paragraph or two describing who you are, your personalities, how long you have been a DVC member and anything else that you want us to know!

4)     When and where you plan to travel to a DVC destination.

5)     Your story and DVC vacation travel plans. Tell us why you would be great on our show!

We look forward to hearing from you!