Adventures by Disney Scales Back

General DVC News

Among the many destinations available to Disney Vacation Club members is the ability to apply their points toward tours provided through Adventures by Disney.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, that option will diminish greatly in 2010 amid a still-struggling global economy.

In an article entitled "Disney's guided tour business catches its breath" the Orlando Sentinel details siginificant cutbacks in the destinations and dates offered in 2010 compared to 2009.  The 2010 schedule features just 272 trips, down almost 40% from the 429 trips offered in 2009.  The number of destinations is also being reduced from 22 to 19.  Many of the reductions appear to be driven by new scheduling methods employed by Disney.

"Instead of scheduling large numbers of tours at the start of the year — and giving consumers more dates to choose from — Disney is now focusing on fewer tours around the dates that have proven to be most popular in the past. It can then add extra trips if there is sufficient demand."

Another change eliminted for 2010 is the removal of early booking discounts.  Previously individuals booking Adventures by Disney more than 120 days prior to departure would receive a discount on either the cash or DVC points cost of the trip.  This early booking incentive has since been eliminated.

In recent years Disney Vacation Club members have benefitted from several itinteraries offered exclusively to members.  But the cost of using DVC points for Adventures by Disney is likely out of reach for many owners.  In 2010, the lowest-cost itinerary starts at 368 Vacation Club points per adult, based upon double occupancy.