Whispering Canyon Cafe to be 'toned down'

Guests may find a more subdued atmosphere during their next visit to Whispering Canyon Cafe at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Ask for ketchup at Whispering Canyon Cafe.  Go ahead...we dare you.  

The typical server response was to deliver about 20 bottles of ketchup to your table.  This is just one example of the homespun antics which were a signature of this particular dining venue.  

However, reports recently began to circulate that the fun and games were being eliminated at Whispering Canyon.  It turns out that is not entirely true.  Disney representatives told the Disney Food Blog that "the antics at Whispering Canyon Cafe have been toned down as opposed to being quieted entirely."  The intent is apparently to be more "considerate of other guests at the Lodge."

Wilderness Lodge Main Lobby

Wilderness Lodge Main Lobby

Whispering Canyon Cafe sits to the side of an open lobby which rises several stories into the center of the resort.  Dozens of guest room doors line the boundries of the lobby on floors 2-5.  

The restaurant description on Disney's website still promises a "wise-cracking wait staff" and "all kinds of shenanigans."  It remains to be seen if the wooden pony race will survive the purge.