Shares Additional GC Details

Dave Marx of the Passporter guidebooks and has obtained some additional details from DVC regarding the recently-announced DVC villas at the Grand Californian Hotel.  Following is a excerpt from Passporter's most recent weekly newsletter:

"For existing DVC members, the answer is, 'Yes, you can use your DVC points for stays at the Grand Californian Villas' The new villas will be part of the regular DVC Resorts Portfolio. While the press release simply said, '50 2-bedroom equivalent' units, we were able to learn that those will be available as 'traditional' DVC studios, one- and two-bedroom villas, and three-bedroom Grand Villas, although the precise number of each has yet to be determined. The expanded hotel and DVC villas are slated to be completed in late 2009. There is no word yet when the DVC units will go on sale. While DVC expects to sell most memberships in California, they also expect they'll be offered for sale at Walt Disney World, too. "

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