All 60 Treehouse Villas now declared at SSR

On September 28, 2011, Disney Vacation Development declared twelve more Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa for the Disney Vacation Club inventory.  With this declaration, all 60 Treehouse Villas are now part of the DVC inventory and are available for Members to book using Vacation Club points.

It has taken about 32 months for all 60 Treehouses to be declared for the Disney Vacation Club inventory. Fifteen villas were initially declared in January 2009 but the next declaration was not made until June 2011.  As sales for Saratoga Springs improved during the summer of 2011, an additional declaration was made in August 2011.

Saratoga Springs is now fully declared for the DVC membership.  In addition to the 60 Treehouse Villas, Saratoga Springs also features 36 Grand Villas and 792 two-bedroom villas.  With about 14,031,570 points allotted to it, Saratoga Springs is the largest DVC resort.  Aulani, which will have 11,518,422 allotted to it once all three phases are complete, will be the second largest DVC resort in terms of points.

With a base price of $99 a point, Saratoga Springs is considerably less expensive than Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort which recently had its base price increased to $150 a point.  Not surprisingly, Saratoga Springs' monthly sales have steadily increased over the last few months.  In August 2011, Disney Vacaton Development sold more points at Saratoga Springs than any other resort.