Five Things We've Learned About the Polynesian Tower's New Pool

Polynesian Villas

The fortcoming Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort features an entirely new pool complex.  New diagrams reveal details of some pool amenities, along with a possible 'Moana' theme for the kids water play area. 

Polynesian Tower Pool

Disney's permit applications are often a great source of information regarding future projects. This new multi-story tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort is no different. While plans currently available do not shed much light on the buildling interior, one of the areas coming into sharper focus is the pool complex. Here are a few things we learned by examining those plans. 

1. Disney's original concept artwork is a bit misleading

Or perhaps non-specific is a better descriptor. This artwork (above) gives the impression that some sort of infinity pool is planned for the space. Note the guests who appear to be in an upper tier of the pool, towering above others below.  Detailed plans don't seem to give any indication of an infinity pool. As you'll see below, there are other details absent from the concept. 

This one piece of art accurately confirms that there is a new pool planned for the Polynesian, but conflicting details suggest it is not a good source for predicting what the finished product will look like.

2. The pool is surrounded by a fence

Not surprising since most Disney pools are now fenced enclosures. However this is an easy-to-identify omission from the concept art. The sandy beach area along the shore appears to exist (see beige shading). But there's a fence of some undetermined height between the beach and any view of the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Four entry points exist to access the pool. 

Polynesian Tower Pool

Also noteworthy is proximity of the fence (red outline) along the shore will make for a longer walk between existing Polynesian buildings and Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Guests will no longer be able to walk directly along the shore in that section. Instead, the new path winds around the back side of the pool, ultimately taking guests between the pool and new DVC building. This will particuarly impact those in the Tuvalo building who will have to walk all the way around the pool instead of having a short path along the shore. 

3. The pool is zero entry, but there is no slide

In the image below, the pool itself is shaded in blue. The southernmost section is a zero entry deck, a gentle slope which allows swimmers to wade in without use of a ladder or stairs. However these images do not give any indication of a feature slide.  

It is likely that a hot tub is present. However in these images it is difficult to discern a hot tub from a landscape enclosure. We will leave it to others to try and spot the hot tub. 

Polynesian Tower Pool

4. There appear to be cabanas surrounding the pool

We're not sure what these seven squares (orange) could be other than cabanas. Many Disney pools now have cabanas available for rent, including three at the Polynesian's Oasis pool. 

5. The water play area features an outrigger structure, perhaps with a Moana theme

Another item absent from concept art is the plans call "Proposed Water Activity Pool." It looks less like a pool and more like a themed water play area similar to other Disney feature pools. The diagram below clearly shows an outrigger design. There's no way to know if this is something kids will be able to climb on or otherwise interact with, or if it's merely decor.

Polynesian Tower Pool

Circles in the ground surrounding the outrigger are likely water fountains.  The kidney-shaped struture to the right (east) of the outrigger may be a shallow kids pool. 

To the southwest of the play area is a structure whose gradations suggest a hill or rock rising to some undetermined elevation. It is difficult to tell if this is a functional structure like a cave with waterfall which is part of the play area, or simply decor chosen to enhance the overall pool complex. 

Bear in mind this analysis makes liberal use of educated guessing. It is possible that we are missing key details from the finished product, perhaps even misinterpreting some specifics. It does appear to be a significant addition for what is likely to be a small-ish Disney Vacation Club expansion of the resort. 

The new building is located between current Polynesian longhouses and Disney's Wedding Pavilion. Luau Cove is set to be demolished in the coming weeks. The new multi-story DVC tower has a projected opening in 2024