So how big are the Polynesian bungalows?

Those watertop bungalows being constructed at Disney's Polynesian Resort are curently the talk of the Disney Vacation Club world but nobody seems to know exactly how large the buildings will be.  It turns out that with some careful measurements, we can get a pretty close approximation of the building dimensions.  

Now that some of the bungalows are fully framed, it's possible to use deductive reasoning to approximate the size of the structures.  Take a look at the image below, which depicts the front of one bungalow.  The full width of the building is about 8 times the width of the front door opening.  

{multithumb thumb_width=600 thumb_height=400 thumb_proportions=bestfit}

Poly Bungalow Size

Assuming the door opening is close to the modern standard of 36", we can conclude that the bungalows are about 288"--or 24'--wide.  

Additionally, plans illustrating the concrete pylons underneath each bungalow suggest that the structures are almost exactly 2 times as deep as they are wide.  

Poly Bungalow Size

That gives us overall dimensions of 24 x 48' or 1153 sq ft...give or take.  

Those dimensions put the Polynesian bungalows on par with many Disney Vacation Club Two Bedroom villas.  Ironically Two Bedroom units at both Disney's Animal KingdomVillas and Bay Lake Tower nearly identical to the bungalow estimate with listed sizes of 1152 sq ft.  Similar rooms at the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa run 1232 sq ft while Disney's Old Key West Resort has the largest Two Bedroom villas at 1395 sq ft.  

That said, it is entirely possible that the bungalows are designed with a unique floor plan, perhaps even featuring three separate bedrooms like the 1074 sq ft Treehouse Villas at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.  

But it appears unlikely the Polynesian bungalows will approach Grand Villa size, all of which are over 2000 sq ft with Grand Floridian topping the list at 2800 sq ft.