DVC bungalows at the Polynesian?

Polynesian Villas

Pete Werner of the DIS Unplugged podcast started an interesting rumor this week regarding the next Disney Vacation Club destination.  

According to Werner, Disney has plans to build twenty single and multi-family bungalows along the beach of Disney's Polynesian Resort.  Those bugalows could prove to be the first Disney Vacation Club units at the resort.  

Following is a transcription of the DVC / Polynesian discussion:

"We have it on pretty decent authority...let me put it to you that way...we are hearing that twenty beach bungalows are planned to be built on the beach at the Polynesian. And it may be that they are built out on the water along the style that you've seen, if you've seen pictures of the Four Seasons in Bora Bora.

"These will be one and two family units. We're thinking that they may be DVC. And the bungalows will be connected via a bridge and walkway over the water.

"And we're hearing that they are going to start building that this year."

The comments were made in the April 2, 2013 edition of the DIS Unplugged podcast.  The Polynesian bungalow discussion begins right around the 35 minute mark.  The podcast is available via the DIS website, iTunes and other podcast aggregators.  

Given the small size of the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian--just 100 villas, about 1/3 the size of Bay Lake Tower--and construction lead times of 2 - 3 years for any new resort project, it is conceivable that Disney Vacation Club would begin work on a new destination before the end of 2013.  

Disney's Polynesian Resort and Disney's Yacht Club Resort are the only two Deluxe-class properties at Walt Disney World with no Disney Vacation Club presence.  Rumors have previously suggested future DVC projects at Ft. Wilderness, a California-themed stand alone resort, the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim and this is not the first rumor linking DVC to the Polynesian Resort.