Blogging DVC

The Blue Sky Disney blog had some comments regarding future DVC development in a May 25th posting:

As for what Disney themselves are doing, we have the progression of the DVC units being build near the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the new addition to the Contemporary that some have dubbed: the Watergate Tower. While I may not be estatic (sp) about the look of the tower, I don't take as much offense as other to the design. The Animal Kingdom DVC expansion is something I absolutely love, on the other hand.

There are two other properties being looked at for DVC opportunities, but it's in the early phase and will likely not see any announcements until late 2009.

Saying that there are “two other properties” being considered for DVC is a mild understatement.  DVC execs could conceivably review more than two proposals before lunch on any given day.  DVC has evaluated developments at all resort levels (deluxe, moderate and value), as well as stand-alone projects on Walt Disney World property.  To imply that they have narrowed their decision to two specific projects—for a resort that would not break ground until at least 2010—is a bit premature.

Nevertheless, the blog does provide yet another confirmation for DVC at the Contemporary, and the remainder of the article has an interesting perspective on possible development throughout Walt Disney World.

Source:  Blue Sky Disney