Jim Hill Comments on Excess Rooms at WDW

An article posted this week at JimHillMedia.com offers commentary on the overbuilding at Walt Disney World which has left the resort with (according to Mr. Hill) around 5000 rooms that it is unable to fill most nights of the year. 

In part the article reveals how DVC has played a part in addressing some of this excess:

“Anyway ... In an effort to cut back its on-property room inventory down to a much more manageable size, the resorts side of things at Walt Disney World has been trying a number of tricks lately. Everything from turning some of the inter-connecting rooms over at the All-Star Music to family suites (A total of 192 of these family-friendly units are expected to come on line in the next year or so) to changing the fifth & sixth floor of Animal Kingdom Lodge into a DVC property.

“And how about what the Mouse just did over at the Contemporary? Pulling down the entire North Wing of that Magic Kingdom Area hotel (And thereby taking 250 units out of Disney World's on-property inventory), so that this area could then be prepped for a brand-new DVC resort. Which could be ready for occupancy as early as late 2010 / early 2011.”

The article is more of an editorial than a well-researched analysis of the current state of Walt Disney World.  Few sources are cited for facts and figures presented.  When taken with a grain of salt it does make for an interesting read.