Exclusive Photos of Contemporary Demolition

The following snapshots were taken the morning of February 14, 2007 from the resort monorail. 

Above is the former parking lot of the North Garden Wing--heavy equipment can be seen excavating, perhaps doing utility work on the site


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Toward the upper right of the photo can be seen equipment currently working on the demolition of the Garden Wing


Also noteworthy is the fact that Disney has done quite a bit of landscaping between World Drive and the old STOLport airstrip.  In fact, as you make your way down World Drive toward the Transportation and Ticket Center or any of the Magic Kingdom resort, you won’t even know the STOLport is there. 

If you read our article on the history of the DVC / Contemporary rumors you know that the STOLport is being used as a staging area for the work currently under way at the site pictured above.  The landscaping really should come as no surprise since the presence of construction trailers and heavy equipment is less-than-magical and likely to be in place for several years to come.