Friday Feature: Segway Tour

Some of my favorite Behind-The-Scenes tours offered at Walt Disney World are the Segway tours.  Not only are the tours a great way to have fun and learn some behind the scenes information about Walt Disney World, but there is a discount available to Disney Vacation Club members, too.  Who can resist that?

When planning your tour, though, there is a big decision to be made:  Which Segway tour?  There are two--the first (and original Segway tour) held  Epcot at the second at Disney's Fort Wilderness and Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  Both tours are approximately two hours long and both begin with an hour of training on the Segway. 

While an hour of training may sound a bit dull, remember that this is Disney...even the training is fun. 

At the end of the hour most participants are comfortable and ready to begin their adventure, even those who are coordination-challenged like me!

Around the World at Epcot

For this tour, training takes place in Innoventions.  Riders will learn the basics, maneuver around cones, up and down inclines Segway Tourand even under obstacles.  After the first hour, guests are set free to explore.  Heading through Future World, the final destination is the World Showcase

During the early tour (there are two sessions held daily), riders have access to the World Showcase while it is still closed to guests.  Thatʼs the option I chose as I didnʼt need a picture of myself flying off the Segway published on the Internet.  There is a later tour, though, when World Showcase is open and participants can show off in front of many jealous tourists.

During your tour of the World Showcase, the instructors share many facts about the pavilions and their construction which mosts guests may never discover otherwise.  It was a great way to pick up tid bits.  I am not a history buff, but I very much enjoyed the fun facts I learned. 

Itʼs not all about learning, though.  There are a surprising number of obstacles and unique terrain to explore in the World Showcase.  It truly is a great adventure and I guarantee guests will not want to get off when itʼs over.


Wilderness Back Trail Adventure

For this tour, participants meet at Mickeyʼs Backyard Barbecue and are trained on the Segway XT, an all-terrain Segway.  Even though I had ridden before, it was good to get a feel for the Segway again and training was still fun.  Again, the session began with Segway Tourabout an hour's worth of instruction before hitting the trails...literally.

We stayed on the trails at Fort Wilderness for a while and then stopped at the corral to see the horses.  I never would have thought to go there on my own, but was surprised at the memorabilia and photos displayed there.  It was definitely worth the stop.

From there, we hit the back road to Wilderness Lodge. The scenery was beautiful and it really did feel like exploring a whole new part of Walt Disney World

A little trip around the villas and some trivia and then it was back to Fort Wilderness. They almost had to pry me off when done. 

I have thought about this a lot since my last Segway tour but I cannot decide which I like better. My best recommendation is to do them both. Then, start over again!

To schedule a tour, call 407-WDW-PLAY and donʼt forget to ask for your Disney Vacation Club discount!