Friday Feature: That White FedEx Box

We've often said that one of the primary benefits of buying Disney Vacation Club points direct from the developer is the ease of the purchase.  A few days after the initial deposit is placed on a credit card, FedEx will arrive at your door with a weighty box full of documents to sign, documents to keep and even a little gift for the new member.  Let's take a couple mintues to look at exactly what new buyers can expect to receive from Disney Vacation Development. 


There are three pieces to the welcome kit.  The first is a rigid 2" cardboard storage box containing the documents new owners will want to retain for their records. 


Contained within this box are:

  • The Multi-Site Public Offering Statement (POS) 
  • A second POS for the specific resort at which points are being purchased
  • And amendments to the POS's
  • Exchange Program Disclosure Documents
  • Member Benefits Guide
  • Privacy Statement
  • HUD disclosure documents
  • Copies of all of the documents which will be signed and returned to DVC 
The cardboard box itself is a nice organizational tool.  The cover tucks into the box to keep documents secure within.  It has room for all of the documents contained within, plus a little extra space for storing things like the annual vacation planner sent to members separately.  For folks who like to remain organized, this box will sit nicely on most bookshelves, and it doesn't look half bad either.
The next item in the welcome kit is a folder containing all of the documents that must be signed and returned to DVC.
We won't go through the entire list of documents contained within this folder becuase it is extensive.  The highlights include things like a Product Understanding Acknowledgment (which highlights the basics of the DVC program), the Purchase Agreement and the Deed. 
If buying as a new DVC member, this folder will contain temporary member ID cards and information needed to access the member website.
Those financing their purchase will also find the appropriate loan applications which need to be both signed and notarized.   
Also included is a pre-paid FedEx envelope used to return the documents to DVC at no expense to the buyer.
The final item included in the welcome kit is a little gift to celebrate the DVC purchase...a tote bag embroidered with the familiar DVC logo and the words "Disney Vacation Club Member."
Note that these items are ONLY sent to those who purchase points directly from Disney Vacation Development.  DVD/DVC is not legally required to send the Public Offering Statement(s) or other disclosure documents to those who buy from other parties.  A resale buyer will receive the annual planner (containing points charts, resort descriptions, etc.), member cards and website logon information from DVC, but no tote bag.  
The welcome kit is a well-designed product which serves its intended purpose--to streamline the process of purchasing an ownership in the Disney Vacation Club.