Google Virtual Tours Now Live

Several weeks ago USA Today reported on Disney's partnership with Google to provide virtual tours of Disney theme parks and resorts.  This eagerly-awaited Google Earth feature is now available.

In order to view the 3d images, the Google Earth application must first be downloaded and installed.  Visit for additional information regarding the 3d virtual tours, and to download Google Earth.  Versions are available for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Once installed, a 3d model of the Earth will be displayed on the screen.  Use the navigation tools (mouse scroll wheel or desktop icons) to zoom in on Central Florida.  As the view gets closer, the familiar mouse ears icon will appear at the location of Walt Disney World.  Continue to zoom in closer to see more distinct regions of the Walt Disney World resort complex.  In order to enable the 3d images, look for the "Layers" box on the Google Earth application, and check the box to enable "3d buldings."