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Last week Disney announced that the Bay Lake Tower's Top of the World lounge would be accessible to all Disney Vacation Club members staying on points for the next 7 weeks.  While the lounge does provide a unique environment for enjoying the Magic Kingdom's nightly fireworks show, it is not the most accessible location.  The resort is isolated from most other DVC properties.  Parking is limited and direct bus transportation is not provided between resorts.

Topic:  Would you visit the Top of the World lounge when staying at other resorts--particularly if this new benefit is extended beyond the announced ending date?
DVCNews Reader Comments:
Top of the World visit -- davidthe8thdwarf
2012 Jul 09 08:57:18 AM
We would definitely visit the TOTWC while visiting. We actually went last year while staying at BLT and really enjoyed it. The view was incredible. Would really love to go at/ after sunset. Perhaps if they kept this policy the lounge wouldn't be empty most of the time.
Definitely! -- rcharnay
2012 Jul 09 10:08:20 AM
I would love to visit the lounge and would make my way there at least once a trip--especially on the many non-park trips we make. If I can make it to the California Grill or Citrico's--I can make it there. I think it's difficulty to reach is part of its charm.
Re: DVCNews Debates: Top of the World -- PhilharMagician
2012 Jul 09 11:28:12 AM
Yes, I think this is a good idea that they expand access. I really enjoy visiting the lounge and always wondered how it can even stay open when it is so quiet. I have been up there many times and found the place empty around 6:00 pm. I hope they continue this, because our next visit will not be to BLT and we really enjoy stopping in for a cocktail and snack.
Top of the World Lounge -- FredTom
2012 Jul 09 12:06:42 PM
Yes, we would definitely visit the TotWL regardless of where we're staying. We stayed at BLT in 2010 and enjoyed visiting the Lounge while we were there.
DVC Perks! -- redirishdvc
2012 Jul 09 02:03:43 PM
I think it is great that DVC members have a nice perk like this. It is very difficult to book a villa there so this at least gives us a taste of BLT! Using Disney transportation is not an issue. Would like to see more "exclusive" perks for DVC members. We are dedicated Disney fans by becoming DVC members and perks keep us encouraging others to become members too!
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