Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station

Reunion Station at Disney's Wilderness Lodge will be Disney's first attempt at a paid concierge option for Disney Vacation Club members.  

Reunion Station

Several months ago, Disney Vacation Club revealed that the new Reunion Station building at the Wilderness Lodge would serve as a de facto concierge add-on for guests at the resort.  Now we have some information on pricing and services included under this offer.  

The initial cost will be set at $50 per adult and $33 per child age 3-9, per night.  The add-on must be purchased for every night of the guest's reservation.  Thus a family with two adults and two children staying 5 nights would pay $830 for access to the Reunion Station concierge lounge ($50+50+33+33 = $166 x 5 nights = $830.)

Reunion Station - March 2018

The interior of Reunion Station is still being prepared for guest use in this photo capture March 2018

This paid access will include a continental breakfast during morning hours along with snacks and alcoholic beverages during the evening.  

During afternoon hours, Reunion Station will host a series of paid activities which will be available to all resort guests, not limited to those purchasing the concierge services.  

At night, the building will host a complimentary mixer available to all DVC members staying at the resort.  

Details are subject to change.  No specific opening date has been revealed for beyond "spring 2018."

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 Mar 09 11:14:46 AM
Too rich for my blood, but I'm sure many will pay it.
Re: Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station -- wedinc
2018 Mar 09 12:50:59 PM
I agree. After paying $47,000 for points and an annual maintenance cost of $3200.00, no thanks. Maybe if it was included in the points per day, or another column for concierge on the points chart, that would be an option to consider. $166 bucks for continental breakfast and snacks for a family of 4 is very high. I don't care if it is Disney. The food is not that great and most adults would consider it a challenge to drink $166 bucks a day instead of snacking for a $166 bucks a day. Don't get me wrong, I like staying on Disney property. My family has stayed at most of the vacation villa resorts, including Aulani and GCV. This would be another added expense to the budget which I could use some place else. So I get it, it's another option if you want it, but, oh by the way, I don't drink. So I just saved $166.00 a day. Gee, maybe i can take my family to a character breakfast instead. I think that would be alot more memorable anyway.
Re: Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station -- simbasmom
2018 Mar 09 01:04:43 PM
So what exclusive benefits are there again for Reunion Station? All I see exclusive is a continental breakfast and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at night. I hope you get more than that for $50/person.
Re: Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 Mar 09 01:05:42 PM
I'm not a fan of the location either. Most Concierge lounges are located on a specific floor - Club Level - so guests paying the premium price have easy access to & from their room.
Re: Services, Pricing Revealed for Reunion Station -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2018 Mar 09 01:07:05 PM
simbasmom wrote:
I hope you get more than that for $50/person.


Extra Mickey Head Stickers.
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