New Concierge Option for DVC?

Disney Vacation Club members may soon be offered concierge services at two timeshare properties. 

 Reunion Station

According to a rumor on website WDW News Today, DVC owners may be able to purchase a concierge add-on when staying at Boulder Ridge Villas or Copper Creek Villas & Cabins, both at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  

Services would be run out of the Reunion Station building, which is attached to Geyser Point Bar & Grill.  For a fee, members could purchase the pseudo-concierge add-on, gaining access to the private lounge offering daily food and beverage service.  

Reunion Station would also offer ”premium experiences” for a fee, along with open play time at the building.  As described, these latter services are similar to Community Hall offerings at numerous Disney Vacation Club properties.  Reunion Station was long believed to be home to a Community Hall-type facility for the Wilderness Lodge.  

Presently, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas is the only DVC property with any concierge accommodations.  Services are limited to just five club level villas on the sixth floor of Jambo House.  

Reunion Station is scheduled to open in 2018.  

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DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: New Concierge Option for DVC? -- KNWVIKING 2.0
2017 Dec 06 09:18:09 AM
Just to clarify, will lounge access be to the existing lounge the Lodge has always had for it's Concierge level rooms, or is it an all new lounge down at the train station? Or possibly both?

If at the train station: I like they idea of being able to upscale my stay with concierge privileges, but one of the great features of Concierge Level is leaving your room in your jammies and walking a little ways down the hall to access the lounge. There is also that feeling of separation from the crowd. None of that would apply at the train station.

If it's the existing lounge: The lounge was designed for the number of rooms available for concierge access. One, I don't think it could handle many more guests staying in DVC rooms. Second, I think the potential masses of DVC guests would ruin the experience for the cash customer.

Overall I have no problem with paying more to upscale your vacation provided it has no negative affect on mine. I hate all the "Viewing Parties" in EPCOT because these prime location used to be free for me. Best seat in the house was always first come, first served. Like the people that start sitting on the Main Street Curb at noon for the 3:00 PM parade - more power to ya!!
Re: New Concierge Option for DVC? -- wdrl
2017 Dec 06 01:04:32 PM
One advantage of the Reunion Station concierge being a "pay as you use" service is that DVC dues will not be underwriting the service. Those that want it will have to foot the bill. Those who don't use the service won't be subsidizing those that do.

One of the complaints about AKV's concierge level villas is that the point cost for those villas doesn't cover the cost of operating the concierge lounge, resulting in the shortfalls being borne by all AKV owners. During Magic Season, there is only a two point difference per night between a Concierge Level Studio and a Savanna View Studio. Since AKV's 2017 maintenance fee is $6.5859 per point, its as if its only costing an AKV member $13.1718 per night to upgrade from a Savanna View to Concierge. And when you consider there could be four people in a studio, the per night charge can be as little as $3.29 per person.
Re: New Concierge Option for DVC? -- denlo
2017 Dec 06 01:15:14 PM
It makes that it is located at Reunion Station as it is right next to Geyser Point where there is a bar and quick service restaurant as all would be necessary for concierge lounge. As an AKV owner I wish the concierge there was set up in a pay to use method.

The old concierge lounge is gone now. They moved it over to the hotel wing. Maybe no one wanted to see adults walking in in their PJs.:scared07:
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