Roaring Fork adds to Outdoor Seating

The quick service dining venue at Disney's Wilderness Lodge has added additional space for guests to enjoy their meals.  

Roaring Fork Seating

Disney has increased the outdoor seating at Roaring Fork, located at Disney's Wilderness Lodge.  Back in July, the restaurant reopened following a 4-month refurbishment.  During the refurbishment, the beverage station was moved from the food service area into the seating area of the restaurant, eliminating several tables.  

Roaring Fork Beverage Station

Roaring Fork Beverage Station

As a result, Disney has added additional seating to the outdoor patio to accommodate guests.  

The resort also added the waterside Geyer Point Bar & Grill which offers both table service and quick service dining.  Interior "open air" seating is offered along with several tables positioned outdoors along the shoreline.  See our prior coverage of both Roaring Fork and Geyser Point for details.  

Roaring Fork currently serves breakfast, lunch and dinner between the hours of 7am to 11pm (subject to change.) 

Thanks to Wil for the tip!

DVCNews Reader Comments:
Re: Roaring Fork adds to Outdoor Seating -- denlo
2017 Nov 17 02:42:04 PM
There was 25% more space than the photo above shows, but people were sitting at those tables. There are still some tables out in the open as well. It is a nice addition to Roaring Fork.
Re: Roaring Fork adds to Outdoor Seating -- wdrl
2017 Nov 18 08:53:26 AM
Looking through our old photos of Wilderness Lodge, I found this photo from June 2011 showing the outdoor seating area for Roaring Fork. The covered seating is a definite improvement!
Re: Roaring Fork adds to Outdoor Seating -- 7oakes
2017 Nov 20 07:58:47 PM
Returned last week from a five night stay at Copper Creek. Traveling with an extended family of 11, we took advantage of the outside seating at Roaring Forks on a few occasions. It is a large area and we were able to put together several tables and not distract from others dining outside having any issues manuevering around us. Whether sunny or raining, we enjoyed sitting together in the outside area. No issues with bugs. They keep a small outside counter stocked with condiments and such; so, we didn't need to go back inside. Had to get used to being given a number to keep at the table and waiting for them to bring out the food. Wasn't sure what the protocol is for tipping/not tipping in such a situation. No overhead heating in the outside area of Roaring Forks. So, we also enjoyed the Geyser Point Grill a couple of times in the evenings. The corner seating areas in the covered area accommodated us all hanging out for food and drinks. Overhead heat lamps helped a lot in the evenings with the breeze coming off the water. Great place to catch the Electric Water Pageant too. :)
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